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Artist, Model, Entrepreneur,
Tantra Educator & Soul Companion

The Inn at 97 and Winder in Detroit, Michigan

I am a passionate professional, fashion designer, artist, model, certified Tantra educator who doubles as a Soul Companion. Since my little toes hit the ground I’ve been an artist. I grew up in a family of creative right-brain(er) types in Detroit, MI. When I ventured off to California I also got increasingly curious about all things health related. I wanted to know about my body, healthy foods, lifestyle, mind, relationships… you name it! I really went down the rabbit hole, where I eventually found myself practicing and learning the in’s and out’s of human sexuality. Over these years I’ve been delighted to work one-on-one with thousands of men, couples and women to help them open up their mind & body in ways unimaginable. I’ve also had the pleasure to study with some well known “sex gurus” such as Charles Muir and Mantak Chia. In other words, Tantra, although complex, in simple terms is “the ancient art of conscious loving” (as said by my tantra teacher). There are varying degrees of tantra in which you can dive into. Overall, its purpose is to, like mediation and yoga- release stagnant tension/ energy in the body and clear the mind. What this does is, it creates an open field within you to circulate the energy you do want…


Sexuality is at the deepest layer of our psyche and is the core of our entire existence. It shapes who we are. Most of all our past and future intimate experiences continue to weave throughout every aspect of our life. A state of true full body bliss is like being in a deep shamanic meditation and The best part is- all you need is yourself.

The depth as to which you choose to awaken your spirit is an ocean I am delighted to explore.

Also you may be wondering what a Soul Companion is right? Well I coined the term to better describe what it is I do, as I didn’t feel the vague word “companion” suited me well enough. Anytime we use the term “soul”, we know it goes deep. It’s that feeling we have when our intuition takes the wheel and we know that person/ people before us are there to serve our highest calling in life. A Soul Companion is an authentic connection- that is truly genuine by nature. I can confidently say that I am that person and I don’t have to put on mask for that to be true. The angels must of have blessed me with the gift of having a big heart I suppose. Most of all there is so much joy to be had through taking our time and being present in the moment… Because we all know that the 5 star meal tastes so delicious because of the wait- slowly cooked to perfection.

Let’s nourish our soul through connection. When there are plenty of ways to be deficient, don’t let
this be one of them.

Let’s co-create an experience

Often times we settle for less, or we take what we can get. But who wants to live a life like that? We deserve to be nothing less than vibrant and alive. Anyway, i’m sure I’ve inspired you enough by now, especially if you’ve read this far. I‘m already enjoying your dedication! you may not know this but because you took the time to read my entire site- I’m feeling my heart getting warm, no exaggeration. The only thing missing is that we haven’t even met yet and just like that! now we have a reason to…

(told you I’ve got magic).

When your intuition is calling…


Our bodies have all the answers and our mind tries it’s best to question them.

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34B, 26”, 36”

5’5” Tall

size 7 shoe

28 years


Tantra (of course)

Hawaiian Jungle

Fitness/ Health/ Nutrition

Soy Candles


Organic tea

Vegan Dark Chocolate

Adventures in nature

Fashion design


Outdoor showers

Pole/ belly dancing

Money! $$$

Inspiring others




BDSM (Dominant)

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