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If you didn’t make it past the first image, there is some important info about me along with photos & videos. Please go back by clicking the “home” button below and take a peek. I want to be sure we’re in beautiful alignment before proceeding

Now enough about me,
tell me about you

Creating safety & building trust is very important. That way when we meet, both you and I can feel fully relaxed and ready to connect- not a minute to waste!

  • Full legal name
  • Best email to contact you
  • Linkedin profile or website- both options must be active and have your photo and full name.
  • Provide 1-2 references of providers you have met with within the past 6 months. Must have active ads online and website.
  • If new to this experience & have no references- I will contact you directly to request a blank email sent from your work address to my discrete email (will provide).

You may also submit the information below directly to my email: