Get A Glimpse

  • 5'4"
  • Redhead
  • 36(B), 24, 36
  • 115 lbs of True Love
  • Blue/Green Eyes
  • Au Natural
  • Super Hips
  • Fit, Curvy & Petite


& So Much More

  • Lush Jungle Environments
  • Playfulness & Innocent Kinkiness
  • Creating Beautiful Art & Experiences
  • Yoga, Fitness & Pole Dancing
  • Sweet, Confident & Receptive
  • Organic Hand-picked Loose Leaf Tea
  • Organic Vegan Stevia-Sweetened Dark Chocolate
  • Receiving Candlelit Massage
Rub The Lamp


R econnect to the source of who you are.

You made it through the Internet portal and landed into my Dae-dream, welcome. Have you ever awakened from a dream that felt so realistically out of this world that you wish you didn’t wake up? Yes, this is that kind of dream- yet far from an illusion. I consider myself an angel of the third dimension. Harnessing my beauty both internally and externally while also celebrating my intellect. I own it and see it as a gift to be shared with the world. The delicate balance of knowledge and beauty is my forte. This is not a new age philosophy, its been known since the 1800’s by a writer, philosopher and enlightener Nicholas Roerich who said,

“The evolution of the new era rests on the cornerstone of knowledge and beauty”.

Enter if you will- into the new era. A time and place where love is no longer an illusion, heaven becomes reality and dreams are visions that come to life.

It may be that you found me out of boredom, curiosity or perfect intention. Perhaps you’re seeking someone to join you, in co-creating a one-of-a-kind adventure, to recognize you’re your superpowers and authentically understand you. Someone that can laugh with you, spark your imagination, appreciate your quirkiness, expressions and insecurities. Could it be that you would like to simply meet a person with whom you can feel 100% relaxed. If anything I have mentioned speaks to you, trust that you came to the right place.

Pleased to meet you, I am Viola Dae. Simply put, I am a Southern California based certified tantra educator (teaching empowered sexuality), spiritual mentor, artist, designer, muse, seeker of knowledge- a true openhearted adventurer. Traveling and creating genuine, engaging connections ignites me. I can gladly melt into the magnificence of nature, climb to the peak of a mountain and sink my bare feet into the lush jungle. I enjoy being enlightened by others proficiencies in life and in return enlightening others with mine.

A Dae Like no Other.

I am Viola Dae. I am many things, including a Southern California-based Certified Tantra Educator, artist, designer, muse, seeker of knowledge - a true open-hearted adventurer, a gypsy at heart, a free lover, and a free thinker with ladylike elegance that dances to a mystical song.

Certified Tantra Educator

by Charles Muir, Founder of Source School of Tantra Yoga

What is Tantra, you say?

If you didn’t know, Tantra is an ancient Hindu practice that has been going for over 5,000 years. The word “Tantra” means ‘the weaving and expansion of energy’. It’s a slow form of imbibing that’s done to increase intimacy and create a mind-body connection that can lead to new and powerfully fulfilling states of sensual experience.

Tantra can be done by anyone interested in rebooting themselves or discovering new depths to love.

If that sounds confusing, think of it this way – if what most of society does in how they imbibe is the equivalent of eating takeout fast food, Tantra is a Michelin 5-starred meal, slowly and lovingly prepared and all the more delicious thanks to the wait.

You may find me under a waterfall, or sinking my feet into lush jungle, or at the top of a billowing mountain...